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My Story

IN 2004, Jeremy founded Marketing Now, a digital marketing company which offers a range of services including pay per lead, web design and media.  We are an online marketing company based in Melbourne’s south east. We assist local small to large businesses with building an online presence and lead generation.

Jeremy LaBrooy has a Diploma of Teaching (Monash University), a Diploma of Arts (Music) from the Victorian College of The Arts and a Graduate Certificate Information Systems (Swinburne University).

Jeremy is married with three beautiful children and lives in Melbourne Australia. 

His entrepreneurial calling saw Jeremy start his first company in 1993 which still thrives today. He is passionate about the marketing process within a business as he realised very early on that it can make or break a business.

Marketing Now provide a variety of services with include lead generation, websites, content creation, video marketing and more.

Our goal at Marketing Now is twofold:

1. To build and create a good looking website that meets the current needs of the business, but also has the ability to add functionality as the business grows.

2. To build traffic to that website that results in sales conversions.

Jeremy has also been a professional musician for almost 30 years and with a teaching qualification he is dedicated to educating clients and passing on his wealth of marketing knowledge.

What Can I Do for You?

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There are effectively 3 stages of marketing:

1. IDENTIFYING WHO YOUR CUSTOMERS ARE specifically. You may have many customer demographics depending on your products or services. Each group needs different messaging.

2. FINDING WHERE THESE CUSTOMERS ARE, geographically, socially, digitally etc


Need Advice?


I can help you with these processes, just like I’ve helped other businesses. 

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