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Build It And They Will Come?

NO! They won’t!

As much as a romantic notion as this is, it is certainly wrong for all online spaces. Creating a website or a social media channel is merely step one for most businesses. Getting the word out and attracting targeted traffic to your website or channel is the key to generating profits for your business. 

Marketing Now can integrate audience building strategies like email marketing, social media, PR, press releases and event marketing into your marketing plan. 


Marketing Strategies To Grow Your Audience

Ways To Build Your Audience Online

Through a range of digital marketing strategies you'll be able to build your audience. Research shows that the best online presence proactively attract their audiences in an targeted and engaging fashion.


Email Marketing

Email Marketing is still considered the most effective marketing tool that most business under utilise. 

Social Media

Social Media

You can build large audiences quickly using social media channels for your business

News and newspaper headlines

Press Releases

Newsworthy stories about your business can attract a huge targeted audience of cutomers

Let Us do it

Outsource Your Marketing To Us

 Marketing Now has affordable monthly plans which include a one hour marketing strategy consultation to keep you on track with your marketing plan. Outsource your marketing to us.


Together we’ll discover what marketing is required to meet your business objectives


Once a plan is written, we’ll meet with you online every month to keep you on track and set targets for what’s ahead.


Your marketing plan can include these elements:

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