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Need Website Maintenance for Your WordPress Site?

If left unchecked, a wordpress site can become very vulnerable to hackers and malicious attacks. WHY?

Because web browsers such as Chrome, Safari and Firefox are constantly being updated to include new features and to adapt to changes in web technologies. Security patches are released frequently by WordPress and the web browser companies to protect users like you and your website. If these patches are not configured and installed, you become vulnerable to potential attacks.

Even a server crash, bad plugin, theme update or an insecure web host could cost you dearly in time, money and reputation.


What is A Website Maintenance Plan?

A website maintenance plan is gives you peace of mind to ensure that your files that make up your website stay updated and are running at at their optimum. It is an agreement between Marketing Now and you to perform a routine set of maintenance tasks on the back-end of your website.

WordPress (WP) is an open source Content Management System (CMS) that is constantly being updated and your website needs the latest version to remain secure. In addition, WordPress plugin patches that your site may use to extend functionality also need to be updated. Often, vulnerabilities from these plugins are exploited by hackers. Reputable plugin developers are constantly releasing updates that need regular updating.

What's included?

Website Maintenance Plans

Wordpress CMS updates

We'll update your website to the latest stable security WordPress release. WP Security and Maintenance updates are released virtually every month. See WP release archive

WP Plugin & Security patch updates

While there are commonly used WP plugins available for your use (both free & paid), your set of WP plugins deployed on your website could be unique. WP plugin affect each other and out of date plugins can cause code clashes that can have a detrimental effect on your site. We'll ensure your plugins are all up to date.

Scans for Virus and Malware

We'll scan your website files to check for malicious code, spam injection, website defacement. We also check your website on several domain name blacklist tools including Google Safe Browsing to ensure your site has not been banned.

WP Website & Database Backup

Your website and critical database files will be backed up each month. If you make frequent updates to your site we can discuss more frequent scheduled backups.

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Bonus for our Hosting Clients

For as long as you host your website with us, we'll give you some valuable Lifetime bonuses:
~ Access to premium performance boosting WP SEO & caching plugins
~ Access to image optimising plugin Imagify to speed up page loads
~ A monthly message with 1-3 personalised tips on how to improve your websites online performance including SEO, social media, on page performance and content.



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