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How To Check cPanel Email Anywhere

How do I access my webmail account

This post will show you how to login and check your email via a web browser if you have one or more email accounts associated with a website hosting account. At Marketing Now, we use cPanel hosting accounts so our clients have access to their email anywhere in the world via webmail.

NOTE: You must have a hosting account (usually for your business website) and generally your email address will be:
[email protected]

Step 1: Open a new browser and type into the address bar:

Step 2: Enter Username and password

You will be prompted for a username and password which you should now enter. (These details have should have been sent to you by your website developer who set up your email accounts.

How To access cPanel Email Anywhere

They are the same username and password that you have set up in your everyday email client. eg Outlook or outlook express

Step 3: Choose webmail client from cPanel administration

How To access cPanel Email Anywhere

I use Horde mainly, but the others are good too. Try them all to see which one you prefer.

Step 4: Login to email client

I’m going to login to Horde now.

How do I access my cPanel

Step 5: Click Mail Folder

You’re in!!! Click the mail folder and an inbox will appear with all of your new mail.

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Things To Keep In Mind.

Keep in mind that you will not see your saved emails from your home or office computer. You will just get access to new emails, AS LONG AS, no other colleague or family member is checking your emails on your behalf from your computer at home or at the office.
Imagine that this webmail box is your like your post box in the cloud. Once you check mail from home or office (via an email client like Outlook) it will no longer appear in this webmail box. All mail gets swept into your outlook and hence clears this webmail box.

You can reply to emails from this webmail inbox and it will appear to the receipient as though it has come from your usual email address ie [email protected]

When you get back home or to office and hit send and receive, you email client like Outlook will download all of the email messages that you have not deleted from the webmail inbox, however your replys that you sent (or sent items) will not appear so it may be a good idea to CC or BCC yourself if you want to keep track of the replies you have sent.

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