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Keystone Installations Website

Keystone Installation Website

The current website is the second website that Marketing Now have built for Keystone. An upgrade was recently required, so Marketing Now integrated a WordPress CMS platform with a fresh new design. 

We carried out some Photoshop enhancement on new photos taken by the client to add extra life and depth.

The SEO work we carried out has enables this client to rank (in most cases) No 1 for many industry keyword phrases which has drawn attention from overseas clients and has resulted in major construction contracts with global Chinese and Middle Eastern construction corporations.

Congratulations Keystone!

Keystone Installations

Project Details

Keystone Installation Website


Provide an online showcase of projects to establish local & overseas contracts


WordPress, Web Form, Photography, SEO

Things We completed

1.) SEO optimised website
2.) Location Photography of building projects plus photoshop enhancement
3.) CMS WordPress website
4.) Web forms

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