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Online Meetings with clients Keeps Business Powering Ahead through COVID-19 Outbreak.

Online Video meetings

There is a better way to meet clients online. Improve online client conversations with meeting scheduling + dedicated meeting rooms for each client or project.

If your business relies on meetings with clients, colleagues, students, associates or any in-person collaboration -THEN you better read this!

Keep Your Business Moving Through COVID-19 Outbreak.

You already know about facetime video calls but what if you need to share computer screens for client demos or screen presentations at the same time while talking?

There are a few popular online tools you maybe aware of but if you want a powerful, easy to use tool that is now free to use till 1st June 2020, then…

I’d like to introduce you to Vectera.


Vectera is the easy way to meet clients online. Schedule appointments, conduct videoconferencing meetings and whiteboard together with clients.

Better online client meetings.

Vectera is the easy way to meet clients online. Schedule appointments and conduct videomeetings. Create a shared communication hub for each of your clients. Get creative with whiteboards, cobrowsing and document annotation.

1-click start, no downloads, no frustrations. Start for free.


Persistent meeting rooms with powerful whiteboarding and document annotation

When a traditional online meeting ends, all communication is gone. Vectera works fundamentally different: Create persistent video rooms for each of your clients and keep track of all content and communication in one single place.

All notes, documents and meeting recordings remain available in this virtual meeting room.

The client can come back to the virtual room any time to revisit the previous conversations. Next time you meet the client again, you can pick up the conversation where you have left.


Interactive video meetings

The only thing your client needs to join a video conversation is a browser. No need to download (and update!) software packages and installers. Vectera lets you start a video meeting with 1 click. Much better!

The possibilities are endless: Share your screen to guide your client through their software or website. Make notes in Vectera with your tablet and stylus. Upload and discuss presentations, contracts or any other document or file.

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