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Pay Per Lead Done Fairly

At Marketing Now, we do things a little differently. Our Pay Per Lead model is based on reducing your risk and more on our performance on achieving results for you.

Basically, we put our money were our mouth is. Our system is simple and fair.

We do not charge Setup fees
We do not try to sign you up to complicated 6 month retainers


Our Pay Per Lead Model

 Marketing Now’s pay per lead model simply works like this…

YOUR Business

We ask:

  1. How much does your business earn from a converted lead?
  2. How good you are at converting leads? 


We then try and work out a conversion percentage. Eg: If your team was given 100 quality leads, how many of those would you CLOSE into a sale.

We then work backwards to work out how much you can afford to pay per lead to get you a great return.


We then do some due diligence to see how much we can generate the leads for. AND then we agree on:

  1. A Cost per lead
  2. How many leads per week you want


We invoice you, we deliver the leads and if we don’t deliver the leads we refund you.


This is a simple & elegant relationship between both parties and it works.

So if your a business owner who needs leads at scale, usually a this is a B2C business with a call centre, then we can seriously blow things out of the water!

Simply get in touch to find out more, call 03 9998 1979 or contact us

An effective and fair Pay Per Lead model can transform your business. We specialise in pay per lead. 

To find out more, call 03 9998 1979 or contact us


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