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Creating a Website For Your Business

Here at Marketing Now, we create business websites that are high quality and fast loading WordPress websites for our clients. We use industry quality premium WordPress plugins, WordPress templates and additional premium services.

We’re certainly not the most expensive web designers in the industry, but our professional services and products are best practice within the industry.

So… in a world where you can build a website for “free”, using popular web building platforms, how do you decide who builds your website? Well there’s many important factors to consider. 

Reliability, experience and investing in our team’s tech knowledge is crucial for us at Marketing Now and that’s why we offer a premium website building/SEO service. Your business success is our business success!  

How To Make A Business Website

What We Do Best Is Listen

We listen to what you want to achieve online. Sometimes what you think you may need, turns out to be something totally different… And maybe, less expensive that you imagined. With our knowledge of business systems and marketing, we can help you to discover a very clear picture of your current online marketing requirements.

Call us on 03 9998 1979 and tell us about your exciting project!

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Small Business Website Design Experts

Marketing Now has over 10 years experience in creating websites. In Melbourne, website design can be quite costly for small business. Our web design and development skills along with our knowledge of online marketing has assisted many small businesses in Melbourne. 

Cheap website design does not have to look cheap. We have low cost options for start-ups, solopreneurs and micro businesses that want to get started without spending too much. Here’s where we excel…

We Build Websites For Business

Why Choose Us?

Online Marketing Experts

  1. 30 min Free Discovery Consultation. We have a quick & easy survey and is comprehensive to discover what you actually need.
  2. Listening is what we do. Your business is like no other business and that why we’ll take the time to understand your business so we can help you like no other business can.
  3. Clear and concise quotes with “everything included”. No surprises.
  4. We’re local and contactable. We’ll respond to you quickly.
  5. We’re creative, systematic and logical. You want a great looking website that is user friendly and converts sales.This is at the core of every project we do.
  6. Security and peace of mind. Our WordPress website maintenance packages will have your site secure and stable 24/7 all year round.

Get Started...

Call for a FREE Website & Online Marketing Discovery Session

Book a free 30 minute Website & Online Marketing Discovery session. We’ll ask you some questions and get to know your business. This process simply draws out your ideas to form a solid plan to move forward with. If all you know is that ‘you need a website’ and you’re not sure where to start, then call us now or to get started.

We'll uncover Your Wishlist...

Your Why

The real reasons why you actually want a new website

Your Customers

We’ll help you to pin point your target customer groups. You may have more than you think.

Website Visitor Flow

Decide what actions you want your visitors to take when they visit your website?

Save Money

How tech savvy you are? This may save you lots of cash

Your Website Goals

What your goals are for the website? Your Key Performance Indicators? (KPI’s)

Marketing Strategies

SEO, email marketing and social media strategies to build your business quickly

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