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Tiger Mad Website


In showcasing the development of on a developer’s portfolio, it’s essential to emphasize the site’s thematic focus and how the design and functionality support its mission., built on WordPress with a custom web app, serves as an engaging platform dedicated to the conservation of tigers, aiming to educate and inspire action through compelling content and interactive features.

Built on WordPress

The design approach for was centered around creating an immersive experience that reflects the majesty and plight of tigers. The website features a striking visual design with high-quality images and a color palette inspired by the tiger’s natural habitat. Navigation is streamlined to guide visitors effortlessly to educational resources, latest research findings, and conservation initiatives.

Custom Content web app

The custom web app at the core of enhances user engagement by offering interactive educational tools, such as virtual tours of tiger habitats and an interactive timeline of the tiger’s journey towards conservation. These features are designed to provide a deeper understanding and a hands-on experience of the conservation efforts.

The technical build supports robust SEO practices to increase the site’s visibility and reach a broader audience interested in wildlife conservation. The website’s responsive design ensures that it delivers a consistent experience across all devices, which is crucial for reaching a global audience.

Overall, stands as a testament to how thoughtful design and technology can come together to champion a cause, making it a highlight in a web developer’s portfolio for its aesthetic appeal and its commitment to a significant social issue.

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