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Video Marketing: Time For Your Business To Have It’s Own TV Studio?

Video marketing

Ask yourself this: What if my customers didn’t have to ask me all of those basic sales questions about my products & service that I’m asked many times each day? How much extra time would I have?

Even better – What if they just ordered your product online because they knew all about it?

There is an untapped source of energy that is so powerful and very under utilized by most businesses. It is called LEVERAGE.

Leverage has a variety of definitions depending on context, but what is meant here is the capacity to expend an initial amount of effort for an ongoing long term gain, which in turn will reduce future effort required.

What’s that about a TV studio then?

Let me explain …

Video on the net is everywhere, except perhaps on most small business websites. Businesses need to understand how to engage their customers… how to educate their customers.

Leverage – Do it once and it’s done forever.

By leveraging video on your website you can:

  1. Answer Frequently asked questions BEFORE they are asked;
  2. Tell people yourself why your product is so great. (They get to meet you too)
  3. Even better – Get your existing customers to tell your potential customers why your service is so great (Reviews & Testimonials on video are Very Powerful)
  4. Demo your product or service and show it being used in real life. (Consistency – Works every time)

Leverage – Do it once and it’s done forever. (Well, until the upgrade anyway.)

People are reading less online content and watching more videos. This trend is getting bigger and businesses now need to think about getting video content onto their websites. The days of text based websites are long gone. Users want to watch, they don’t want to read.

Learn about Video Marketing – consider the risk to your business of being left behind

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